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The Operational Excellence Show

Feb 23, 2022

How does a Basketball Player make it to the top of a very well known outsourcer in the Netherlands?

My guest today is Nuno van Dunem da Costa, who’s sporting career and professional customer management career are an absolute inspiration!

We are chatting about Nuno’s ambition and drive to succeed - as player of the Portuguese National Youth Team and later with a Dutch team, Nuno talks candidly about how he learned to pursue his dream, his career but at the same time not lose himself. He draws many parallels from his active sports career to his Customer Experience / Operational Excellence work.

Nuno tells us about the importance to follow a framework - however the most important component here is the customer! And not just the end-user, also the company internal customer!

Now Operations Director with 5CA the brings all his experiences to a leading Dutch outsourcing firm who, in his own words…. Have given Nuno more development and support than other firms combined. Hint…. Look after your employees and they give you their utmost best they can! 


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