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The Operational Excellence Show

Mar 24, 2021

It’s not everyday that I get to sit down with an accomplished author in the Customer Service and Customer Experience Space! 

Mark Hillary is a British/Irish writer and analyst based in São Paulo. He is a former technology director turned communication adviser via his experience writing books and blogs on technology, work, and globalisation. He continues to write books on the future of technology and CX, contribute to media debate, advise corporate leaders, and ghost-write content for several leading global CEOs.

Mark candidly shares his journey in the industry, starting out in technology then turning to Journalism and Writing. 

He has published 16 books focused on the development of technology and employment, he has been published by the BBC, Observer, FT, Computer Weekly, Guardian and HuffPo.

And today he advises companies on technology strategy on all five continents!


Host and Presenter of CX Files - Podcast

Gig CX - Customer Service in the Twenty-First Century

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