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The Operational Excellence Show

Feb 1, 2023

My Guest today is Marybeth Gregg, the Founder and President of The International Centre for Women’s Leadership and Author of Bestseller “How to soar with a broken Wing”.

International consultant, coach, author, entrepreneur, mother, great friend, fun seeker, and adventurer. Marybeth Gregg is the President and Founder of The International Center for Women's Leadership. Throughout her 30+year career, she has worked in human development for several global corporations, providing coaching and transformational performance programs for individuals and teams.

We discuss the importance of showing up and not being limited by low self esteem or self belief, which Marybeth covers in her joy circle.
Her bestselling book how to find tiny moments of joy even when things get really tough carries more weight than ever before as the world is changing so fast, we can’t keep up!

LinkedIn: MaryBeth Gregg

How to Soar with aa broken Wing on Amazon

Women’s Joy Circle

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