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The Operational Excellence Show

Sep 8, 2022

Welcome to Customer Service Delivery made Easy! 

Inside Customer Service Delivery made Easy you will gain clarity where your operation is doing really well! And where it does need some work!

You will be clear on what your CS Job description needs to look like! You will have a check-list to ensure your CS role is clearly defined, your benefits are explained and your documentation such as right to work is complete and your new advisor knows how they fit into your team!

You will know what it takes to deliver operational excellence! You will have a framework for all your processes and procedures (Ops Handbook) and be clear on the key governance structure you will have to follow.

You will be very clear how to apply “the listening ear”! What do your customers really say about your service? You will know how many contacts you should put through quality assurance each week and how to do that with ease! And - you will know exactly how you can demonstrate Return of Investment to your C-suit!

In these 4 weeks within Customer service Delivery made Easy you will walk away with a detailed Audit knowing exactly where your service delivery stands! And with a toolbox full of checklists, tips and tricks on how to make CS easy!

Today we talk about
# Mindset of Customer Service
# Your Self-Responsibility in Customer Service

# Self Sabotage in Customer Service
# Perfectionism - why it doesn’t help in CS
# Trust the process - your mantra - my mantra
# How the course works
# Who this course is for

You will leave this programme with the belief that you can deliver excellence!


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