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The Operational Excellence Show

Apr 6, 2022

In today’s service delivery world, we can’t even imagine what we would do without Artificial Intelligence - AI; Data we look at, Data we work with, Data we use to make our customers lives easier and our business lives more successful. In today’s podcast I’m discussing the Role of AI and Process Improvement with Prabhjot Singh, the CEO of Pyze!

Prabhjot takes us behind the scenes of Pyze - the leading digital transformation analytics platform, maximizing process efficiency and application productivity! Their product is able to auto-discover complex end to end business process flows, to surface bottlenecks or activity hotspots or user experience opportunities. So really - any business interested in mining their AI needs this data driven approach to maximize Return of Investment and Business Impact.

Prabhjot brings AI to live like no other - no wonder - he lives and breaths data - in an engaging and refreshing way! 


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