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The Operational Excellence Show

Feb 2, 2022

Today you are in for an absolute treat!

I’ve invited two of my business Besties, Bertine Crèvecoeur and Alicia Butler Pierre to discuss the Power of Collaboration!

As we come out of the Pandemic - one thing we all learned is “thinking out-side the box” and working together for the greater good.

Women do this particularly well! The three of us discuss

  • Women working all the hours under the sun running businesses and the family
  • Having a sustainable business infrastructure - if you don’t have them you are going under!
  • Supply chain management - understanding how things flow!
  • Embrace diversity - walk the talk!
  • Reframe your messaging
  • Share information - as part of equity and inclusiveness
  • Business Continuity - if you don’t have a plan no - you are too late!

The one episode not to be missed! 

Alicia Butler Pierre

Behind the Facade

Berthine Crèvecoeur-West


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