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The Operational Excellence Show

Feb 17, 2021

Today’s Leading Lady is Tugreofia Smith, lovingly called Tugs, Vice President of A&T Ascension Consulting Inc! 

ATAC is a Canadian based virtual service BPO. The jewel of their  organization is their people. Remote work from home is the new frontier for many. However, Since 2011 A&T Ascension Consulting Inc. (ATAC) have been the trail blazers in the Canadian Marketplace. Tugs and her team strive to constantly evolve while staying focused on client-satisfaction and results.

Today Tugs shares the importance of being a dynamic leader and how this shows in her business. She candidly talks about the impact her lovely grandma had on her life and why the “boy’s club is not the be all end all” in the corporate world or the world of an entrepreneur. 

Enjoy her pearls of wisdom! Tugs - you are amazing! 



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