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The Operational Excellence Show

Nov 6, 2020

My Guest today is Louise Brogan - the founder and owner of Social Bee Northern Ireland (NI). 

Louise started off as a Social Media expert, providing training on Facebook set up, usage, LinkedIn and other Social sites. Over the last year however she very much niched down into LinkedIn and has become one of THE most recognised experts for LI in the UK.

She has written articles for the Social Media Examiner - an esteemed and well thought of online magazine, she has been published in the Huffington Post and the Guardian. Louise hosts regular free LI training modules on LinkedIn - you should check it out!

Did you know:
 90% of people using LinkedIn are lurking. They are scrolling through posts and profiles.
9% of people will comment or interact with posts and only 1% are sharing content.

When someone clicks on your profile, is it showcasing what you do and who you work with? Are you losing business because your LinkedIn is looking a little sparse?


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