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The Operational Excellence Show

Oct 9, 2020

My guest and his team just recently won the European Customer Centricity Award 2020 in “Digital Transformation” and “Best Measurement in Customer Experience” - recognizing Signify’s digital transformation of their Customer NPS programme.

Signify’s Head of customer satisfaction Bart Hendrik Huisman says “this journey has brought customers closer to us. It has empowered our people to define and implement improvements. Creating better experiences for our customers - that’s the impact we are most proud of”

Alex de Groot is part of this winning team - from a procurement point of view!  

Let’s face it - every customer service operation is a cost to the business. So setting it up, identifying where to go and how to get value for money is an integral part of the business! When it all comes together and wins an award  - the customer service operation has turned into a profit centre. Happy, loyal customers.

Alex candidly shares how he narrowed down the number of locations he looked at when searching a global solution. But also how some of his potential partners deselected themselves! Yes - that’s possible! 

We speak about Customer First in a savings driven environment! Why you must know and quantify your hidden costs and quite bluntly…. You get what you pay for!

Alex de Groot:


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