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The Operational Excellence Show

Jul 24, 2020

In Episode 24 I touched on employee survey data very briefly with Dave D’Arcy, who - like me - is an operational generalist with a big heart for his teams.

My guest today picks up on the topic of employee survey - and how you can put your data to work! 

Teresa and I got to know each other through work and a mutual acquaintance - but then also found out that we both lived in bonnie Scotland - not far from each other.

Teresa’s field of expertise lies in Human Resources, plus Learning and Delivery Management.

In this episode we touch on the responsibilities of each manager when it comes to HR topics - and yes - the ownership of managing the team lies with you - the team manager!

HR provides you with guidance and ensures that you remain on the straight and narrow. 
In any organisation, there will always be policy and procedures, line managers need to know company policies and what they need to do.

We then move on to the topic of employee survey and frankly - how many businesses leave “money on the table” by not listening to the voice of the employees. 

Teresa is a Chartered MCIPD HR, L&D Professional with a deep passion for people!

She loves “helping people and developing people - whether this is part of Learning, Development or Change either in organisations or individually.  

I hope you enjoy our conversation - lets roll.

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