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The Operational Excellence Show

Jul 3, 2020

My guest today is Dave D’Arcy - the Senior Director International Care and Tech Support with Vonage.

Dave very candidly shares his initial first job in the industry - where all he knew was “wanting to wear a suit” and how he ended up starting up what we now would call a customer retention campaign for his then employer. 

Dave went on to live and work in a number of countries including India, South Africa, and some European Countries before taking up the role with Vonage. 

The main topic we discuss today is Employee Engagement and Employee Surveys. We all do them, have to do them - yet really - what do we actually do with the results? 

Then we move on to the Glitter and Glory of the European Contact Center Awards! A ‘must-see’ and ‘be-on’ for everyone in the industry. Dave shares with us why he entered the competition in the first place, what happened after he didn’t win first time round - and how he ended up winning! 

In this interview - Dave shares all his wisdom with us - and gives some great tips on how too keep the light on in the Contact Center world! 


Twitter: Davemdarcy


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