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The Operational Excellence Show

Sep 21, 2022

We don’t speak about money and customer service! Nor do we focus on money and customer experience. Whether that’s a British or Swiss or even worldwide phenomenon is really by the by. My guest today talks, lives and breathes money and wealth!

Christine is under no illusion - money is a sensitive topic - but she believes in her company, M1, and put the fun back into making money and creating wealth! Her focus lies with the drive to eliminate client pain points and making positive financial outcomes more accessible!

Christine was 10 years old when she bought her first stock, sparking a passion for personal finance. She subsequently pursued a career in wealth management including with JP Morgan and Fidelity Investment, before she joined M1 - a high growth fintech company!
She is leading a team focused on designing and delivering a seamless client experience and empowering personal financial well-being for over 500k clients. 

How she measures success and stays true to herself and M1 mission is uncovered in our discussion today!


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