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The Operational Excellence Show

Mar 6, 2020

In our fast-paced environment, most of my Team Managers and Ops Managers struggled to demonstrate how they worked through their day.

 Often - at the end of the day - they sat at their desks - wondering whether or not to actually go home - as their to-do list was endless! And yet again some of the coaching they had planned to do hadn’t happened. 

As I was measured on the performance of my teams - I thought about how I might be able to help my guys without taking up too much time in their already busy day. Creating Systems for my team! 

1. The LEAP Daily Check-list - to keep my guys on the straight and narrow numbers wise

2. The LEAP Game Plan - A daily coaching records list.

Here is how they work

; First we talk about the LEAP daily Checklist
 Clean Up.

Clean up: Tidy desk, tidy mind! Nothing more annoying than empty cups, crisp papers, yesterday’s daily mirror (or worse) on the desk

Up-date Board: it annoys me, displaying out of date stats

Client specific materials - back in place - example RL store

Equipment checked and accounted for - headsets in poor condition

Damaged equipment given to IT, or IT ticket logged

Supervisor area clean?  - messy sup desks, missing tissues, etc etc. 

Plan for the main tasks!
LEAP Game Plan completed?  - coaching planned and prepared?

Daily reporting reviewed? This ties in with stats on the board

Call monitoring done? In many firms you think your QA team should do the monitoring! Of course - that’s great - but really - it is your responsibility that the QA’s are done and to ensure that you do one yourself every so often! Also remember to schedule calibration sessions

Return to works / care calls / etc. Done? And Documented

Review the Scheduling - Who is actually there today to do the work? 

Why important: CC are a cost if service based or a revenue generator if sales based.

You need to know how many people you have got at any given day to either generate sales or deliver a service, and the cost of that service! 

Managers - who don’t know these costs tend to slack in their employee engagement! They don’t know where there agents are, which ones need help, whether or not they are feeling well etc.

Create an Agent RAG List

Here it’s all about your people

Green: People that are always there, perform well and deserve a thank you - what action are you taking today to thank these guys?

Amber: People who you notice have been quiet, or absent a lot or have returned poor quality  - what’s going on with them - and what actions are you going to take to find out?

Red: People that are on your radar - maybe at the edge of leaving? What are the issues / Symptoms / Observations?  Action steps!

These are the topics on the daily game plan! It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to fill it in - every day at the start of your shift (or the day before at the end of that day for the NEW day!)

Don’t forget to create accountability and share your Checklist with your Manager! 

Secondly - The LEAP Game Plan

Schedule coaching for your Amber people on a daily basis! This will do two things

a) it makes your agent feel valued
b) it will increase their productivity / quality / well being / overall performance.

I believe you can coach 2 Agents per hour - if you stick to it! So use the Game Plan wisely. Don’t schedule coaching just once an hour! Also - note comments about the shift. For example - if there was a fire alarm - you couldn’t coach Agent “B” - so note this! And move on to Agent C when back in the building! Don’t go and rework the entire plan for the day. Just reschedule the one you didn’t do! 

I can guarantee you - if you do these two tasks consistently - over the course of 4 to 6 weeks you will see the benefits!

You will be very clear how your team performs and more importantly why the performance is where it is
. Your Absence percentage will have reduced significantly - as you do the Return to Works systematically
. Your overall team performance will have increased - as your Amber Agents have received regular coaching, their performance will have gone up. Your Red Agents will either have moved to Amber or Green - or you will have enough evidence to help them to be successful elsewhere

Your manager will be impressed and your Senior Manager will be even more impressed - you are setting yourself up to be noted! 

You can download a free copy of the LEAP Daily Checklist and the LEAP Game Plan. Feel free to amend the tasks as they fit your environment and team! 

I hope these tips help you to structure your day, trust the process and reap the fruits! 

You are in for a juicy episode!

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