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The Operational Excellence Show

Nov 10, 2021

Today we are kicking off a 3 part Series under the Header Leading People - Executing Process - Amplifying Profit - the 3 P’s I am referring to regularly!

My guest today is Teresa Robertson of Endrick Consulting and Associate Director of Rutz Consulting! 

Everything in any business starts with people! In the new normal, nothing is exactly how it was pre covid. Equally important, is the fact that we can’t hide behind the pandemic any longer.

An added challenge is the current economic situation driving the labour shortage in the UK.

So - we discuss the candidate driven recruitment market, the importance of having up to date job descriptions but we also touch on why we need to allow our people to learn!

It’s no secret - the HR departments are probably the most challenged business units at the moment! Post Pandemic the HR department shows its true value - but the skill set of HR professionals is pretty scares! 

You can connect with Teresa on LinkedIn or learn about her on our website!

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This Podcast is produced by: Andrew Madden Photography & Media Production