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The Operational Excellence Show

Apr 28, 2021

Lee Houghton knows all about knowing…. And subsequently doing!

If you are leading an operational team or a change team - you must meet Lee! As a Business Improvement Coach, Leadership Coach, Change Agent Mentor & Podcast Host, Lee has had the most random of journeys to get to where he is today. His journey has provided him numerous unique and transferable learning experiences enabling Lee to support Change Agents and Leaders to be more confident, more influential and deliver significant sustainable improvements. Lee is the co-founder of Get Knowledge, a business improvement company. I'm on a mission to support Change Agents and Leaders from around the world. He works with multinational clients across Europe, delivering virtual, online or In-house coaching, training, and strategic direction to Leadership and Change teams.
Lee candidly shares today how he was called to do what he does today. And no - it wasn’t just a random “I could give this a try” - it was a calling!  

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