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The Operational Excellence Show

Mar 31, 2021

This episode couldn’t come any more timely…. Just recently two major UK banks have announced that their working from home solution is here to stay! 

But…. Mark Walton boldly says….. Not everyone is cut out for Home Working…. And Home Working is not for everyone.

So - how do you ensure you have got the right people and the right environment? 

Mark has been CEO of Sensée since Feb 2019, leading the growth of the business. Sensée is the UK's leading, if not only, ethically-driven true Home Working specialist, delivering consultancy, platforms, technology ecosystem and a large highly skilled team of BPO advisors to Financial Services, Energy, Retail and many other leading Blue chip brands.
Mark is now championing the growth within the BPO Industry of disrupting, Home Working technologies and solutions. Mark is working with the Best Companies and clients in this space across the UK and Europe.

Mark has been involved in growing businesses all of his career and has specialised in the BPO, Customer Management and Marketing sectors for the past 20 years, working with major brands in the telecoms, mobile, utilities and financial services sectors. He was a Director at HEROtsc for six years and led its spectacular growth from regional player to market leader, recording a turnover of £60million.




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