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The Operational Excellence Show

Sep 4, 2020

Hands up who has ever thought of starting their own contact centre? Bringing tailor-made solutions to businesses and well and truly caring about clients and employees?

We all know how much hard work goes into starting a business. It’s no different in the contact centre world. 
With his entrepreneurial spirit and approach my guest John Deviln of Ascensos not only built one successful contact centre, no - he did it again!

John and I discuss his secret sauce (and boy - there must be one, Contact Centres are a tough gig). We also share our views on why we keep it simple.

And…. whilst everyone is talking customer experience, customer effort John has one outstanding philosophy: Reduce Client Effort. That’s what small, boutique solutions do - we reduce bureaucracy and make it easy for our clients.

John and his team are proud of their Non-Cookie Cutter approach!

 John also talks about #theAteam - which has kind of become his digital marketing handle and we learn how Archie - the dog, Recognition VP and Chief Fundraiser, plays his role in the business.

Not to forget - what has ballet dancing got to do with it all? 



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