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The Operational Excellence Show

Aug 21, 2020

My guest this week is Andi Lonnen, Founder of the Finance Training Academy, Speaker and Author - all things Finances.

Andi founded her business after a sabbatical cycling the Swiss Alps! I just had to get to know this lady and find out what made her leave her Chief Financial Officer role and start a training business in Finances! 

In the contact centre world, very sadly, many managers see the finance department as a stand alone financial department, not very personable. Also, many managers do not understand their contribution to the financial performance of the firm. 

Andi explains very candidly that this doesn’t have to be the case - especially now where so many firms face difficult decisions based on their financial performance, driven by Covid-19 and its impact. 

So, learn here about what an empty quarry has got to do with generating extra revenue. Also learn how asking your frontline people for ideas and inviting them to vote on their preferred initiatives can curb financial hardship in your firm. 

In challenging times like these Andi’s wisdom is gold!


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