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The Operational Excellence Show

Apr 10, 2020

I am so excited for today’s episode with business executive and team leadership coach, Gregor Findlay the owner of Courageous Development!

Gregor was the very first business coach I ever had. I was just promoted to Site Director in Accrington, near Manchester, to set up and open a brand new contact center. I was clearly talented, but out of my depth. My team was non existent, everyone I hired I felt I had to “control” because I could do it better myself. In no time I was overworked, stressed and frustrated.

Thankfully my employer offered me help - in the person of Gregor Findlay!

Gregor is an APECS Accredited Executive Coach with 18 years of experience and has helped hundreds of senior managers, directors and C-suite executives undergo transformative change, both personal and organisational.

Gregor's mission is to help leaders and leadership teams develop and grow so they can make a bigger difference for themselves, their people and society.

Gregor worked with big blue chip companies - such as Dell, Novartis, Munich RE and Sitel, where I got my coaching with him. He holds a BSc in psychology from the University of Edinburgh; his coaching is grounded in psychology  and neuroscience.

Let’s roll!

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