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The Operational Excellence Show

Mar 2, 2022

I’m delighted to welcome back my dear friend Joy Bains. Remember, she was my very first guest in 2020 - Episode 7 which aired on 13th March 2020!

Joy is, hands down, one of the best Project and Programme Managers I know.
Why is that - you might ask?

She always starts her assignments with…. Getting to know her stakeholders. In her line of work this would be the various workstream leads and the executive team she is delivering the programme for.

In this episode, Joy shares her passion for multi-disciplined programmes, but also shares a very simple secret…. Important for every Senior Executive to understand!
She speaks about her pet hates in consulting - some of which we absolutely share and she tells us how she jumped in for me, taking over the operational delivery for one of Rutz Consulting's Key Clients, whilst I took care of my dying mum.

An episode packed with stories and insights!

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