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The Operational Excellence Show

Oct 27, 2021

I love meeting influential women - today’s guest, Dion Johnson, is one of them!

Starting her career in midwifery she is one of the most influential women of colour in the British Executive Coaching space who has taken the word “birthing” to a completely different level!

In today’s interview Dion candidly speaks about how we show up in the world of business has led her to make a very bold statement….

“We are going the wrong way!”

Dion tells us about how writing her book felt like she was pregnant with a message that required a birthing process. She doesn’t shy away calling out BFDL’s (Big Fat Dirty Lies). And she offers a 3 step process to getting “it” right!  - the 3 “H”’s

* Heal from History
* Handling your Head
* Develop your Hook

Just because you are a woman at the top, doesn’t mean there is nowhere to grow… does it? - this is one of Dion’s opening statements! Hear what she has got to say!

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