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The Operational Excellence Show

Jun 30, 2021

Today - we are diving into the why, what, and how of the German DACH Customer Experience Awards with moderator and organizer Marcus von Kloeden!

Marcus takes us behind the scene of this very first DACH summit and CX awards - not something you do easily in the midst of a pandemic!

We discuss the following topics

  • What are the DACH customer experience Awards? 
  • Who should participate in this awards
  • How can you apply and what can you expect from the Awards? 
  • When and where do the DACH CX Awards take place?

Marcus demonstrates his passion and extensive knowledge, underpinning the interview with real life stories covering the financial world, big multinational Blue Chip firms and small successful family businesses!
I’m honoured to be judging your customer centric approach! See you there! 



DACH CX Awards Website:

Marcus von Kloeden  LinkedIn:

DACH CX Awards YouTube:

Marianne Rutz - Judge DACH CX Awards:


Episode 22 - Mystery Shopping mit Marcus von Kloeden:

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Rutz Consulting Website:


This Podcast is produced by: Andrew Madden Photography & Media Production