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The Operational Excellence Show

May 26, 2021

Daniela Semeco, a polyglot born in Venezuela, acquired her language skills during time spent in France, Germany, USA and Venezuela.

Before starting her company, Polyglotte, she worked a few roles: as a medical and legal interpreter for over ten years, tour guide, and customer service agent at a small San Francisco company.

At this last job, she remembers how one of her fellow agents copy pasted symbols from a Word doc all day long. He was French, but had always lived in California and didn’t know the French keyboard layout by heart. Daniela realized what a waste of time it is to memorize alt combinations and different keyboard layouts. It takes a lot of mental energy! Throughout her career, she has witnessed many people struggle with their computer keyboards, which is why she decided to invent the solution. It has been a struggle at times, but by following her keyboard dreams, she has found happiness. She met her best friend and developer, Gerard Cerchio, who’s also a rocket scientist and an old hippie. This is also how she met her husband, Jacob Alexander, another keyboard inventor and collector, and they now live a quiet life with their three-year-old girl and 600+ keyboards in downtown San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley.


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