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The Operational Excellence Show

May 5, 2021

In today's episode I will be discussing the topic of Holistic Service Delivery......yes - really.

Something of which I would never have heard myself saying 5 years ago.

What is it though? How it is defined & how does it relate to the contact centre industry. The changes I have witnessed over many years in contact centres, in it's various sectors and how Holistic Service Delivery ties together with human values of wanting to deliver a great service.

You will also learn of the upcoming online summit "Leaders in Service - The Route to Excellence" & of the highly skilled speakers who will share openly and freely their expertise, helping you to link the various areas of your customer service delivery. Starting off with Recruitment and Selection of talent, heading into training, culture, wellbeing, lean 6 Sigma, the customer journey and so much more - we are showing you how it’s done! 

And of course - we also talk about money! High quality customer service and high profitability go hand in hand! It is really the only way to be THE outstanding market leader!


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