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The Operational Excellence Show

Oct 2, 2020

What we thought would pass and was initially called the “new normal” for a period of time…. Is most definitely here to stay.

Contact Centres all over the place have moved their frontline delivery workers into home offices - and it would appear that this will be the trend for the foreseeable future.

In this episode Karen Abass, Operational Lead of Sainsbury’s & Argos Customer Service Team of the TU Clothing brand, shares very candidly the challenges her team has faced, how service delivery has changed and most importantly how connecting with your customers and your individual team members makes all the difference.

Learn how Sainsbury’s ensure new hires loving the brand and are all committed to the brand. Hear how Sainsbury’s adapted their scheduling to support Homeworkers and their personal circumstances, to get commitment from their colleagues and yet deliver a commercially viable solution.

Preparing for peak - how to implement a psychological contract with your workforce. Peak recruitment is always massive - we have to get it right! The streamlining of the channels that customers contact Sainsbury’s, reflecting and allowing for changed customer behaviour.

These 3 top tips are NOT to be missed!

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