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The Operational Excellence Show

Sep 11, 2020

I really struggled with this episode…. Firstly - ever since George Floyd’s murder in June 2020 I thought by myself - what have I missed? What is it that I have never really spoken about? Have I no understanding or awareness of racial differences, sexual orientation, religion, gender or age in our industry or more broadly around the world? 
Well - it wasn’t that - it was more about: What have I got to say to this topic? I went and learned, read, spoke to people in order to educate myself.

Eventually, I was comfortable that I could put an episode together on this topic - but then…. I struggled to find someone who would competently and with love and empathy speak to the topic. - Until I found Berthine.

We speak about why ticking the diversity box is not enough anymore - in fact it never was. We also discuss how to capture the heart of a predominantly male board - not uncommon in the corporate world. 

Berthine shares with us how to create psychological safety for all members of staff to be who they are and we discuss why growth is so much bigger and more powerful than perfection!





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