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The Operational Excellence Show

May 22, 2020

Sandra Green is a certified executive coach, founder of the Women Leaders Association (, speaker and author. Her passion is in helping leaders recognise their brilliance and break through their limiting beliefs.  Her READY framework provides a model for bringing greater feminine energy into the workplace (for both women and heart-centred men). She is an advocate for men and women to lead with their heart.

Sandra worked in corporate for many years before following her dream to set up a business focused on developing individual potential.  She guides you how to shift out of overwhelm, self-doubt and ego-led decision-making so you can have far greater impact and love for your work.

Her work as a leadership consultant enables teams to grow as a collective with stronger understanding, empathy and performance.

She has self-published two books: ‘Handbags in the Boardroom’ and ‘Smash The Glass Ceiling’. She is a popular speaker bringing her signature talk: ‘The Triple Spike’ to many conferences and events.

Outside of work, Sandra lives in Cheshire with her family. She enjoys reading, walking with her working cocker spaniel Buddy and one of her claims to fame is spending 12 months as a licensed on-course bookmaker. 


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