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The Operational Excellence Show

Nov 16, 2022

Today I'm welcoming Paul McCarthy, CEO of Snapfix and yes, it's Snapfix not  SnapChat, as you will hear me calling it! There is a story to this - which Paul will tell himself!  Snapfix is one of the most amazing innovations I have recently seen in technology! There are industries notoriously failing from a maintenance perspective. I give you an example:  I was overnighting in a hotel and the tap in the bathroom was dripping constantly. It kept me awake all night. I probably should have phoned maintenance or at least reception to get it looked at; which I didn’t. If this hotel would have had Snapfix, this wouldn't have been an issue. I could simply have taken a picture!

Paul will tell us exactly how his product works, the clients it serves around the globe and the impact Snapfix has on the customer experience! Right there and then! 



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