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The Operational Excellence Show

Aug 31, 2022

My guest today is Andrew Wrobel, Founding Partner of Emerging Europe, a London based growth hub for Eastern European countries!

Andrew trained as a journalist, he specialises in location strategy and nation branding, foreign direct investment, technology and innovation, sourcing, technology and innovation, and cross-cultural communications.

Andrew runs Emerging Europe’s research and consultancy teams and co-authors the organisation’s flagship annual reports: the Future of IT, the Investment Promotion Report, the Business-Friendly City Perception Index.

He is a juror at various international business-related competitions, a location promotion trainer and a media commentator. He has authored and contributed to a number of international business, investment and trade-related publications
In today’s episode we discuss the current challenges Eastern Europe are facing, but also what we can learn from them and why we think people there are more resilient, work harder and are more committed to service delivery than in other parts of the world!



Andrew Wrobel

Emerging Europe

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