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The Operational Excellence Show

Jul 13, 2022

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could supercharge your customer experience by deploying a multilingual Chatbot or live chat across all service channels you have got in your business!

Yes - it would but….. - Stop right there!

Andy Wilkins and his team thought about this Chatbot and Chat technology long and hard. He calls this experience Democratizing access and services! Giving everyone the right to access a service at any given time!

One of the challenges we face in AI is that those who have control and influence an excellent customer service are the biggest critics of using AI solution. They know there are problems in CS delivery - but boy without the buy in from the executive team and from IT teams (ironically) it is more than challenging to win!

Andy chats candidly how his career led him from Wealth Management to becoming the co-founder of

Believe me - if you don’t have a chat function yet - you are behind the curve! If you don’t want to at least test Andy’s SaaS Platform after you listened to our chat - your business will not make it to the post pandemic post economic downturn!


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